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Who can enter the Digital Spotlight Awards?2021-03-19T16:56:07+00:00

Award submissions will be accepted from any employee from dealerships that use video technology powered by CitNOW. Entries must have been filmed between 1st January 2021 and 31st December 2021.

Can I enter through my app dashboard?2021-04-19T13:39:58+00:00

Yes, you can also enter a video for the awards directly via your CitNOW dashboard. To nominate a video, log into your dashboard and select Video Library in the left sidebar to view your account’s video feed. Hover over Details on the video you’d like to nominate, select Full Details, then select the Nominate for Video Award button. Your details and video link should pre-populate in the entry form. Watch the video instructions here.

Can I cancel my entry?2021-03-19T17:03:01+00:00

You may cancel your entry by sending an email to awards@citnow.com.

How do I know if you’ve received my entry?2021-03-19T17:03:15+00:00

You will see a confirmation acknowledging receipt of your entry after you click submit. If the confirmation page does not appear or you have any issues submitting your entry, please email awards@citnow.com.

Can those based outside of the United Kingdom participate?2021-03-19T17:03:30+00:00

The Digital Spotlight Awards is a global award competition and open to entries worldwide. Please note that entries made by dealerships or bodyshops located outside of the UK must only submit their entries using the ‘Best international’ category.

How are the entries judged?2021-03-19T17:03:46+00:00

We will have a panel with independent judges to choose the winners from our shortlist.

Which category should I enter?2021-03-19T17:04:15+00:00

The Digital Spotlight Awards have multiple categories to choose from. We have developed categories that cater for all types of video used during the sales, aftersales and vehicle repair process. There can be overlap in some of the categories, and it is up to the entrant to choose which is most appropriate for a particular entry.

Can I enter more than one category?2021-03-19T17:04:28+00:00

We advise entering a video for one category only rather than every category you see fit, however you can of course enter as many videos as you like throughout the year. Dealerships or bodyshops located outside of the UK can only submit entries to the ‘Best international’ category.

How will I know if I have won?2021-03-19T17:04:39+00:00

The shortlist will be announced in February 2022, and the winners announced during our awards ceremony in April 2022.

Does my entry need to include use of one of the CitNOW apps?2021-03-19T17:05:16+00:00

Yes – for all entries, CitNOW must have been used during the customer experience.

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